Brainstorming Training 1 This programme explores the generation of new ideas and a framework that facilitates this process.

Brainstorming, as it is known, can get almighty ‘uuuuugh’ when it’s suggested - why is this? It can be that all too often the time frame is too long, the environment too familiar, the same contributors or snipers.

This workshop explores ways to approach this essential creative tool, to blow all the dust out and allow everyone involved to operate from a fresh perspective. 

We also identify some of the common pitfalls and patterns that change a brain storm session into a brain-drain session.

This is essential programming for anyone leading a team or facilitating meetings.

Brainstorming Training 3

Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Explore The Secure Base models for Brainstorming*
  • Look at some of the key factors that block or facilitate brainstorming
  • Explore your stance in a brainstorming session
  • Experience choosing a new orientation when brainstorming
  • Run your own mini brainstorm during the course that expands your current toolkit

*Evidence Based intervention

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