Business Networking Training 4Does this fill you with dread, perhaps you find it okay but dull and never quite get what you would like from it, maybe you are the type that adores this and just wants to brush up your toolkit?

This programme contains the key skills to physically navigate a room, make elegant intros and outros, build collaborative conversations and prepare and debrief after a formal or informal event.

We encourage you to pick the approaches that you feel are best suited for you!

This is an essential skill set for the new networker or the seasoned one wanting to update and refresh skills.

Business Networking Training 3Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand a few key concepts about ‘Networking’ that help change how you think about the process
  • Explore the Secure Base Model of Networking and Communications*
  • Understand the physical aspects of Networking – Joining and leaving groups elegantly
  • Explore how to begin to engage a group you have joined in a comfortable way
  • Prepare adequately for an event – realistic expectations of what you can do in a given time!
  • Debrief effectively after an event – save future time and money for yourself, colleagues and the company
  • Increase confidence in networking situations and succeed in meeting new people

*Evidence Based intervention

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