CreativityCreativity and Innovation are expressions which are over-used in business. But what do they really mean?

Understanding how to access your own unique creativity and innovation is empowering, aids communication, helps to understand where you are going and finds new opportunities.  

Once you understand how you are creative it enables effective teamwork and an orchestration of how everyone can be best utilised on any given project.

You will explore how ideas are nurtured and bounced, so that you really see some of your thoughts turn into a dynamic reality. This helps to strengthen the company you work for.  Nothing is more motivating than that!

Most people aren’t able to think differently on demand. They need to be trained how to do it effectively under pressure.In addition,many creative strategies are over-complicated and unclear. Most never realise their full potential because the practical steps on how to implement them are not specifically identified.

How often do you hear ‘Creativity…I’m not creative’ or ‘Creativity…yes I’m a Creative type’?

In this workshop one of the key thinking shifts we aim to overcome is this. If you choose a really cool piece of second hand furniture from a second hand shop that fits perfectly in your home is that creative? If you put together a brilliant programme for the day with the kids, is that creative? If you find a way to talk to someone who really needs help, is that creative?

The reality is that we are all creative some of the time. One of the considerations is if someone asks you to come up with something creative this can jam the brain – it a bit like when you try to make someone laugh…..

We get stuck in the same ways of doing things which makes us feel overwhelmed and blocked. Often there is a lack of time or resources to be able to consider things fully and objectively. Expectations can be unrealistic. Communications break down because of difficult feelings going on under the surface.

So, no more feeling stuck, frustrated, stressed and like you want to hide under the duvet; ideas will be nurtured and bounced, so that you have a chance to really see some of your thoughts turn into a dynamic reality. On our Creativity & Innovation workshop we look at not only the cognitive traffic jam that occurs  when you’re on the spot but a myriad of way to unblock, recognise, re-orientate around a creative or innovative approach.

We believe creativity and Innovation is a series of behaviours; understand what stages you favour in the creative process and expand your toolkit to innovate.  That’s it, sounds simple doesn’t it and the good news is that it really is…

And finally one of the most important thing is that we can work with you over an extended period of time, creating bespoke work that doesn’t leave you high and dry but supports you in making a long term shift.


Strategic-ThinkingSuggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Explore The Secure Base model for Creativity*
  • Identify ‘Creativity’ and ‘Innovation’ and how they are different
  • Take a look at when you are/aren’t creative and why?
  • Experientially identify your creativity behaviour preferences in the creativity process*
  • Experientially use several brainstorming tools to facilitate the creative process*
  • Explore tools to measure the innovation of ideas*
  • To participate in a team creativity process on an actual company related project to unblock and release its full potential

*Evidence Based intervention

Some Famous Quotes on Creativity

“Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it”

Salvador Dali

“Creativity about Life and all its aspects I think is still the secret of great creative people”

Leo Burnett

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas”

Donatella Versace


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