Customer-Service-GeeksOn this programme we look at the importance of excellent Customer Service and why.  We also look at a range of tools and techniques to make the delivery of excellent customer service a doable proposition.

Whether you are on an internal IT helpdesk, an external call centre, someone in sales or a marketing this course is an essential part of your training plan.  

We consider customer service or customer care as important a part of business development as actually getting the work in the first place.

Customer retention is fundamental to any business. You have spent time and money developing new strategies, putting them into place and have got clients to sign up. Now you have to manage the relationships and expectation when things go well…. and more importantly when they don’t.

A Story…

Customer Service Training 1A friend of mine moved into her first proper London apartment and wanted to treat herself to decent tailor made curtains. Her mum recommended Peter Jones (part of the John Lewis Partnership). So she went along, spent a couple of hours with a member of staff chose fabric got the brief on how to do the measuring. When she got home she proceeded to follow the instructions and phoned in the measurements.

The curtains were delivered about 6 weeks later and she asked a friend to help her put them up. To her dismay when they were up it was clear that she had mismeasured one of the sections and was really upset as it was quite an investment.

She called Peter Jones. They offered to come around and look. On the appointed day she said the deputy departmental manger showed up at her flat, took one look and asked her if it would be okay to stay for 30minutes while she took some measurements and took down the offending section.

When my friend asked her what she was doing she said:

“Oh, we can’t have this, I’m going to take them down, then take some more measurements and when I’m back at the office get this section adjusted at the seamstress, we can put a section in for you invisibly, is that okay?”

She said they came back 2 weeks later and even offered to rehang the adjusted section…

 My friend was blown away, not only had they taken the time to come out, they offered to fix the curtains – and there was no additional charge, and they rehung them. She said to me this..

“They weren’t the cheapest or fastest but they were the best experience I have ever had from any company (and she’s a commercial director) anywhere”.

Now bearing this in mind, it’s fair to say that

  • You can judge a company by how they respond when things go wrong
  • This is then a unique opportunity to ‘over-deliver’ and cement that business relationship for life
  • That cost and products are important; however a warm, helpful and thorough customer service interaction is the most important

Needless to say, over the years when I have been over to my friend and she has bought a new piece of furniture, something for the kitchen or bedroom 9/10 times it has come from John Lewis/Peter Jones. Perhaps this is how 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients?


Customer Service Training 2Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Explore the Secure Base Model for Customer Service*
  • Look at your own experience of Customer Service – what do you like/hate?
  • Explore a process for seeing the customers point of view and communicating that*
  • Look at techniques to handle difficult situations with customers – when they are rude or very cross*
  •  Experientially look at ways to gently steer a customer interaction to attend to all their needs
  • Explore ‘over-delivery’ and reciprocity and how this makes the customer feel*
  • Handle complaints in a empathic and understanding manner
  •  Explore how to manage yourself when it gets tricky
  • Grow your confidence in dealing with all aspects of Customer Service

*Evidence Based intervention

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