Brainstorming Training 2So you got the contact. How do you go from this to your contact having enough trust to move this into some kind of a mutual exchange?

This is something most of us know but sometimes under the pressures of everyday working life can overlook – it is you that they buy, not the company brand (though that is important), you….

This programme is designed to explore the minutiae of business relationships and what makes them tick, how to capitalise on your own personal style and where to focus your energy to build networks.

Our aim is to make this aspect of your role engaging and fun, even if you’re the sort that doesn’t like to make small talk we will find a way to approach this aspect of your day with grace and naturally – in your own way!


Building-Business-Relationships-Training-1Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Explore the Secure Base Model for Business Relations*
  • Experientially look at the role body language and communication play
  • Explore ways of engaging conversation using different types of questions
  • Experience how to develop conversations without using questions*
  • Maintain an important boundary when needed
  • Explore the law of reciprocation*
  • Examine how to use appropriate personal disclosure to deepen trust and create buy-in in business relationship
  • Increase confidence to develop business networks and capitalise on better quality business relationships

*Evidence Based intervention

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