Strategic-ThinkingThis workshop examines the Why, What, How and Who of the Strategic Process and grounds the top level thinking into day to day behaviours.

This programme will improve delegates’ critical thinking and understanding of the process.

The workshop is about grounding the company vision statement into activities (and ultimately goals and tasks) that define the brand and move the company forward in alignment of that vision with integrity.

Small doll editThis is a progressive process. This means the top level statement – the vision in this case – rests upon the next step, which in turn rest upon the next step.

It’s actually a bit like a series of Russian Dolls! Therefore the tiniest doll will contain behaviours that team members can carry out and monitor that supports the vision and mission statements.

In teams the group will work through this ‘Russian doll’ sequence – often with an existing and a proposed vision statement. One of the key early findings in this exploration is how closely do the Leadership team identify with the top level mission statement, and if they do not how do you move forward?

Pyramid of Purpose

Suggested Workshop Outcomes

Strategic Thinking Training 2To

  • Explore The Secure Base model for Strategic Thinking*
  • Design a future scenario of the companies ‘winning idea’ and create a Mission Statement.
  • Explore a tool to design Vision Statements and to align Leadership thinking and assess the ‘human value’ of intent
  • Analyse and critically evaluate appropriate goals & objectives using several strategic tools*
  • Glean appropriate actions & tasks and support activity
  • Assess appropriation of resources*
  • To design contingency plans
  • To risk assess at critical pathways*
  • Improve individuals ‘strategic triangle’ – critical analysis, innovation & creativity

*Evidence Based intervention


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