Team Communications 1

Communication is the nuts and bolts of day to day workplace operation.  Clear communication is like the oil in the engine of business.


Unfortunately we are often under time pressures, faced with ‘other people’s’ communication styles, working within commercial and cultural constraints and so on.  

This always leads to communication mishaps.

At Secure Base we believe it’s not that these mishaps don’t happen, to the contrary they crop up day in and day out.

It’s how we manage them when they happen; our approach to this is a few simple steps:

  • Know communication mishaps happen – it’s part and parcel of our working day
  • Recognise which part of the communication mishap you can take responsibility for (awareness)
  • Have a back pocket tool you can drop into the communication that simple and fits your individual style (we are all different – so we need different things)
  • Practice the tools you like - this builds confidence, smoothes communications and will grow your capacity to try more new techniques!

Body LanguageSuggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand the simple Secure Base Model of Communication*
  • Explore how you uniquely communicate
  • Examine how body language communicates all about us (even when we don’t say anything)*
  • Examine how vocal delivery impacts communication*
  • Examine how the written word can be used more effectively
  • Create a unique toolkit for each delegate to communicate more effectively*
  • Recognise how we are seen by others

*Evidence Based intervention

Top Tips and Advice on Communications

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