Managing pressure 3

These days we all have to juggle a huge amount of information, responsibility and tasks that seem to flood over us.  From time to time the pressure to maintain all of the requirements can feel overwhelming.


This tailored pressure management workshop looks at difficulties that can arise when this pressure becomes prolonged and may have begun to cause dips in confidence, performance and even tense relationship within teams.

We explore awareness and tools to equip you to deal with pressure in the workplace and begin to regain confidence and effectiveness.

managing pressure 4Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand the simple Secure Base Model of Pressure/Effectiveness*
  • Explore what happens to your thinking, feeling, and behaviour under pressure*
  • Examine the immediate, short and long term effects of physiological stress
  • Understand what workplace stress does to others and recognise it*
  • Find your individual point where pressure begins to become difficult
  • Adopt a simple and effective toolkit to manage pressure more effectively*
  • Understand the basics of time-management and prioritisation

*Evidence Based intervention

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