Negotiation Training

Negotiation is an essential day to day skill, whether it’s getting a bit more time from a colleague on a project or a formal deal with a client. Negotiations are the life blood of the professional (and personal) world. 


‘Let us move from confrontation to negotiation!’
Richard Nixon

Whatever your skill level at negotiating – if you are just starting out or have brokered hundreds of negotiations, update you skills and techniques with our bespoke negotiation programme.


Negotiation Training 2Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand the simple Secure Base Model of Negotiation*
  • Understand ‘what is a negotiation’
  • Examine the negotiation ‘pipeline’*
  • Explore the law of reciprocation*
  • Explore assertiveness v stresses on business relationships *
  • Understand your negotiation style
  • Explore when to chip away, when to be quiet and when to walk away
  • Experience practically how to hold your ground and techniques for maintaining a status quo
  • Grow your toolkit for negotiations to create more confidence*

*Evidence Based intervention

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