Getting Up There

Presentation-skills-12 Presenting at any level can evoke some anxiety.  In fact if you speak to a seasoned presenter they usually say that if you aren’t nervous you won’t do a good job!


We all admire certain presenters and wish we could be like them, so what is their secret?  Their secret is they are ‘themselves’, they do their own thing, in their own way and this transmits confidence, conviction and authenticity. These are invaluable assets when standing up in front of people presenting.

Presentation skills 4If you’re starting out presenting or have managed to dodge presentations before (and now it’s do or die) then our ‘getting up there’ course is for you.

We will arm you with confidence, awareness of your own ‘style’ and offer new things to try that complement your style (not shoehorning you into a ‘presentations skills manual’...that simply doesn’t work).

An essential skill for almost everyone in business, presentation can take the form of a formal ‘stood-up-front’, a more casual group meeting, a one to one pitch, or a technical instruction (and all in between).

A truly persuasive presentation is about leaving a powerful message with your audience.  At Secure Base we believe this can be achieved most effectively when you are using your own personal style to influence the audience and interact in a way that is both informative and human. Interactive and conversational presentations spark interest and ultimately keep your audience awake and engaged.

Presentation skills 3Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Explore the Secure Base model for presentation*
  • Get past the anxiety – and discover the real “presentation you”
  • Understand presentation nerves and how to get them to work for you*
  • Keep the audience engaged*
  • Navigating tricky questions and audiences
  • Get your ideas and material across regardless of levels of understanding
  • Get some oomph into your presentation
  • Help you master the technology (and not the other way around)

*Evidence Based intervention

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