Intermediate & Advanced

Presentation skills 10When the presentation standards are high, and the material compelling you will need more than a magic trick to make an impact.


The core skills around presentation are the same whether you have been doing it a week or ten years - and we recognise that.

You still need to be yourself, engaging, powerful and compelling. If you have done hundreds (or even thousands) of meetings, one to ones and pitches to the board, the same things apply as when you started.

For intermediate and advanced presentation we set the bar higher, and you want more from yourself, more impact on your audience, more compelling, more listenable, and more interactive.

So we set the bar as high as you want it (it can get quite Olympic if you want!)

Presentation skills 8Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Explore The Secure Base model for presentation*
  • Keep the audience engaged
  • Look in-control and navigate tricky questions and audiences
  • Maintain rapport with a variety of audience – if they are hostile or ‘punchy’ or even dull
  • Get your ideas and material across regardless of levels of understanding*
  • Create drama, navigate moods and allow space*
  • Make the absolute most out of your delivery style – formula one tuning!
  • Create a presentation that ‘influences’ and provokes thought
  • Explore Story-Telling as a presentation tool*

*Evidence Based intervention

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