A key part of day to day management of objectives, people and team effectiveness; this programme offers a quick look at Time Management (like all time issues this workshop can be much longer if you need it to be!).


Time Management is a unique mix of individual internal ‘drivers’ and equipping the individual with personality suited set of tool and techniques. For example some people hate lists, others write lists of lists….we are all different.


This workshop can be a quick- fire 90 minute look at key skills or a deeper look at individual responses to time pressures and tailored toolkit design to improve Time Management.

We are experts in this field.


Corbis-42-18370300Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand the simple Secure Base Model of Time Management*
  • Explore individual responses to time constraints
  • Record, analyse and develop efficient time usage strategies for each individual
  • Examine the role of prioritisation and experientially engage with a prioritisation tool
  • Look at goals and targets
  • Adopt a simple and effective toolkit to for Time Management*
  • Create additional space in an individual’s day to day business
  • Explore when delegating or pushing back can effectively manage your time

*Evidence Based intervention

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