Workplace Well being

Workplace well-being is the flip-side to Managing Pressure. Recently pioneered by Apple and Google active pre-empting of workplace stress and pressure has now been proven to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

In this bespoke day we look at building an individual plan for each participant to pre-empt workplace pressure and remain in the ‘well-being’ class!

This means balancing work with the rest of life so you stay on track with your chosen career and avoid unnecessary work related symptomatic stress;  weight gain, moodiness, anxious, poor sleep (to name a few).

We thoroughly recommend this for every business. Work place well-being is the ‘low hanging fruit’ in your organisation for increasing bottom line productivity and overall employee satisfaction.  Keep your most experienced staff, reduce hiring and interviewing and watch employee satisfaction escalate.

We are experts in this field.


Workplace Wellbeing 2Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand the simple Secure Base Model of Pressure/Effectiveness*
  • Explore what happens to your thinking, feeling, and behaviour under pressure*
  • Examine the immediate, short and long term effects of physiological stress
  • Look at how each individual already manages their work well
  • Look at each individuals unique circumstances
  • Adopt a simple and effective toolkit to for workplace well-being*
  • Create well-being buddies that co-mentor within the work place

*Evidence Based intervention

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