Team Communications, Management & Leadership


This is about how we interact as a team unit, whether it’s just one other across the desk from you, a large virtual team across 5 time zones or leading a team of 250. We outline some essential skills to get teams and their leaders firing on all cylinders from new manager to the exec committee. we can design and deliver bespoke training that deals with

Change Management
Better Meetings
Performance management
Project management
Coaching Skills


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Combining modules from here with appropriate Personal Effectiveness modules can form the backbone of Leadership Training.

Here you can have a bespoke package that suits your organisation that inspires and equips new business leaders, completely tailored to your company’s needs.

*Remember, combine a topic or two, add your brief and get it tailored to your exact specifications. Some examples of common hybrids are:

Performance Management & Coaching, Project Management & Influencing, Negotiation & Better Meetings

Leadership Packages

Leadership Training 2

Choose several modules across our portfolio and create a Leadership Training package – we will then adapt and tailor these modules and place them in your Leadership context.  Here’s an example of a 3 day training course combination of modules suitable for Leadership Training:

  • Introduction to leading in business (bespoke)
  • Communications
  • Presentation
  • Project management
  • Performance management.
  • Leading and the wide world (bespoke)

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Project Management

Project Management Training 1

This workshop focuses on the communications and relational aspect of team working on projects. Project work is the hub of any business development and the practical pair of hands that follows the strategic thinking and strategic plan for the business.

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Change Management

Change Management Training

The one sure thing in business is that change is inevitable and actually necessary to maintain an assertive presence in the sector and to continue to inspire both your workforce and your clients.

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Performance Management

& Appraisal Training

Performance Management

A key skill for team management whether it’s just one report or 10 line managers of your own to manage. The art of performance management is relationships and regular assessment, and this is sometimes where an individual or organisation can come unstuck.

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Better Meetings

Better Meetings and Facilitation

Here's a question, how would your (your colleagues, your teams, your companies) life be if you could reduce either your time in meetings, or the number of meetings you actually go to?

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Coaching Skills Course

Coaching 2

Not to be confused with an accredited coaching course which takes 2-3 years dependent on the organisation to complete or hiring an individual coaching for 1:1 work. This short course focuses on some of the key skills useful in a line management or a supervisory situation.

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