Better Meetings and Facilitation

Here's a question, how would your (your colleagues, your teams, your companies) life be if you could reduce either your time in meetings, or the number of meetings you actually go to?


Our Better Meeting Course looks at facilitating tighter meetings, and a whole raft of tools and techniques to get your point across or give everyone a chance to speak.

The overall aim is reduce time drifting off piste, keep the focus and make sure you hear from just about everyone in when appropriate in reasonably equal measure.

We explore meetings that are virtual, meetings that are just on the telephone, and good old fashioned round a table.


Better Meetings 2Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Look at the Secure Base* model for Excellent Meetings
  • Experientially look at spoken and unspoken meeting dynamics
  • Explore setting boundaries and keeping things on track
  • Have an experience of giving everyone a voice, every idea a space
  • Build an individual toolkit of techniques to manage how you perform in a meeting with more confidence
  • Manage individual styles with grace and respect.
  • Assess – do I need to be there?

*Evidence Based intervention

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