Change Management Training

The one sure thing in business is that change is inevitable and actually necessary to maintain an assertive presence in the sector and to continue to inspire both your workforce and your clients.

Some people love change, some prefer to avoid it at all costs.  

More recent times have dealt many areas of business with almost continuous change. This can lead to all sorts of difficulties:

  • Low motivation team working
  • Lower productivity
  • Drifting focus on the ‘new initiative’
  • ‘Change’ fatigue

Our change management programme offers a human look at change for anyone involved in this process (that’s just about everyone right?). We can focus on: a workshop to begin a change process, a workshop to litmus test a current change initiative or deliver a workshop to progress or smooth the flow out of a change process.

Change is a process and once you become aware of where you and the rest of your colleagues are in this, then you are able to become a helpful agent of change.

change-management-2Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Explore The Secure Base model for change management*
  • Look at what happens to each individual when change occurs
  • Recognise where you and your team members are in this process
  • Balancing the good and bad stuff
  • Creating buy-in to the new initiative
  • Improve confidence to manage change in yourself
  • Improve confidence to manage change in others
  • Improve and strengthen working relationships

*Evidence Based intervention

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