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Performance Management

A key skill for team management whether it’s just one report or 10 line managers of your own to manage. The art of performance management is relationships and regular assessment, and this is sometimes where an individual or organisation can come unstuck.

With time pressures often appraisals can become C list activities, this can impact in a couple of ways:

  • You don’t get a change to find something out until its escalated to you, by which time its potentially a much bigger problem
  • This effects how the team performs and how you are seen by the other members as a line manager

When the appraisal arrives the person with the difficulty maybe entrenched and indeed much harder to re-engage as a result,

The action to deal then can seem inappropriate

A famous South African Saying

“It takes many Jackals to spoil the Vineyard”

Simply this means that before the farmer got to realise there was no wine grape harvest there were a multitude of ways to deal with the jackals before this became such a devastating event. Performance management is this – keeping your eyes and ears open, maintaining relationship and having the skills to deliver feedback at the appropriate time when the issue is just emerging – then there is rarely a need for nasty surprises.


Appraisal TrainingSuggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Look at the Secure Base* model for Performance Management*
  • An experiential look at how each of us harbours thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may undermine the feedback process required for good performance management*
  • Explore a model for coaching reports
  • Explore solution focused goal setting*
  • Managing the goals in the interim*
  • Shaping developmental feedback so that the appraisee is able to hear it and contract.
  • Increase confidence
  • Broaden individual toolkit to deal with a variety of personalities.

*Evidence Based intervention

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