Project Management Training 1

This workshop focuses on the communications and relational aspect of team working on projects. Project work is the hub of any business development and the practical pair of hands that follows the strategic thinking and strategic plan for the business.

A well run project will naturally be full of bumps and surprises, extra demands, revisiting of goals and resetting of boundaries and working alliances. This can – depending on the teams personalities – be straightforward or anything but.

We explore in practical team units on this workshop, not only the overview to working a project well but also the team relational management and slick fire-fighting should it be required.

Fundamentally once you have your PM systems a project can die or fly on the quality of the Project Managers interactions with the teams. Here we focus our energy.  

This course works well as an adjunct to an accredited Project Management course such as Prince 2 ( or any of the courses accredited by the APM (Association of Project Management


Project-Management-Training-2Suggested Workshop Outcomes

  • Look at the Secure Base model for Project Management pipeline*
  • Explore the underlying importance of the project to you, the team and the company
  • An experiential look at how a project requires buy-in from reporting and non-reporting team members
  • Analyse what roles team members are actually playing in the project
  • Experientially look at team communication within a project
  • Explore creating specific, individual, stretch goals*
  • Broaden individual toolkit to deal with a variety of personalities*
  • Explore feedback – how to give people a nudge and keep them onside and how to turbo charge those champions to greater things

*Evidence Based intervention

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