Dannie Lu Carr


Dannie is a Multi-Sector Business Consultant, Theatre & Film Director, Acting Coach and Writer.

She has worked successfully combining these fields for the last 7 years.

The main focus of Dannie's work is to combine the strengths of business and the arts, left-brain and right-brain thinking, and create a resilient ‘how to’ on getting things innovative, dynamic and practical.

Most importantly, Dannie’s work is all about truth.

When we don’t speak the truth in business, in politics, in life, in art, in relationships, and so forth, many of the most important conversations don’t actually take place. People get disgruntled, trust dissipates and we feel lousy, demotivated, fake. Self-esteem drops, standards drop, morale drops, revenues drop, reputations drop. This means that truth is the only way to take people successfully forward.

Renowned for her passion, drive and outspokenness, Dannie is personally sought after for her effectiveness and attention to detail with corporate business strategies, politics, the public sector and creative projects alike. Her specialisms are in Truthful Communication, Creativity & Innovation, Branding, Collaboration, Leadership, TeamBuilding and Change Strategy.

DLC-Brilliant-AssertivenessAll of her work is centred around empowerment. Her techniques are realistic, down-to-earth and supportive, whilst really getting to the core of key issues in order to drive things progressively forward with full integrity.

Dannie is the Director of her company Flaming Poppy and is honoured to be an Associate for Secure Base and its incredible work.

In 2012 Dannie’s first book, Brilliant Assertiveness, was published by Prentice Hall. She is currently working on her second book, as well as her first full length feature film script. She has recently written and is in the process of directing her midi-film “9 by 10”.

Creativity and all it can offer to business and people is the thing which gets her out of bed every morning – however tired.

“Dannie is a fine director, assembling and managing such diverse talent within her projects. She is very encouraging, motivating and supportive of all creative ideas and approaches, through to their evolution. She has a passionate drive to get the most out of her team, with a clear vision and purpose in mind. I highly recommend her for any future projects, which I believe have the potential to thrive in her very capable hands.”     - Ryan De Silva, 2D Concept Artist