The two courses ‘getting out there’ (Level 1) and ‘complex child cases and adult work’ (Level 2) can be considered a progression.


Each course builds on the previous, there is some overlap – we feel this is necessary and indeed advantageous. As the advisor builds their skill set and experience they may want to progress to more difficult cases and later adult work. We recommend that the advisor will have been working ‘live’ cases in a lead role for some time before they take more complex cases & adult work. 

Massive Shift in Understanding

4headsOver 800 participants have now been through our workshops and they report a massive shift in their understanding of this problem behaviour and feeling better skilled in working with fire setters.

The workshop helps advisors to build a basic understanding of how we regulate our emotions, thoughts and behaviour when stressed and to understand unconscious triggers and drivers (in themselves, children and parents).

Exercises and taught input look at how behaviour patterns are fixed in the brain during childhood yet remain open to rapid change in the age period 8-18.

We develop their understanding of non-verbal communication and teach coaching skills for working with young people and parents which directly facilitate behaviour change. We enable participants to work effectively, confidently and calmly in potentially stressful situations.