The two day refresher course for working with young people deepens understanding and process for this work. This work is only suitable for advisors that have attended the 4 day young person’s course and has been on a number of visits and worked on live cases.

*****You can request any topic to be covered – we will tailor the course to you. Below is an example course originally developed for Devon & Somerset FRS******

Day One - Learning Difficulties and Social Interaction

sadboyinrainsmallThe main focus on day one includes more detailed information on childhood learning difficulties such as Autism, Asperger’s and ADD. We will look at some of the latest approaches to working with these clients. Our focus, as always, is pragmatic and practical, attempting to understand some of the basic needs of these clients and how to intervene and stop firesetting behaviour. We will look at role playing some of the difficulties and how advisors might work to resolve them in the most effective way.

Day Two – Supervision and Tricky Cases

fallingmanOn day two we focus on case studies and invite group supervision led by the Secure Base facilitator. Preparation for this workshop involves participants selecting a case to bring to the event and the group exploring it ‘live’. This allows us to refresh material covered on the 4 day course and to assist participants in developing the perspective of a seasoned advisor. We will also focus on multi-agency work and suitable referrals. Secure Base encourages input from the hosting county and emphasises the use of the workshop as a way of disseminating useful resources to advisors working in the field.

Suggested Objectives

  • To deepen understanding of some of the more challenging Firesetter presentations
  • To explore common pathologies in young people – Autism, Asperger’s and ADDTo look at the impact of Learning Difficulties in Fire setter advisory work
  • To have a practical experience of assessing a case and making key decisions
  • When to refer
  • To design a treatment plan
  • To explore the importance of Supervision
  • To present a case for supervision in an appropriate & professional manner


Refresher ESR Course