You will need to approach a secondary school (11-16 yrs.) for the young person’s 4 day Level 1 course. For the Level 2 course; complex child cases and adult work, you will need to approach a prison or young offender’s institution in your local area.

We would like the participation of 12 young people for the school visit. These children should be selected by the school based on them having some difficulties - perhaps socially and educationally. For the adult course we will need around six adult with some firesetting history.

The fire service ESR students will meet the young people/adults allocated by the school/prison on premises by way of a visit - usually this is Thursday late morning around 11-11.30. This works well in a classroom/two classrooms with the 'pairs spread out.

The exercise is for the ESR students to conduct a short 'conversational' session - around 30 minutes, on a one to one basis.

Our aim is to provide the ESR students with a real life interaction with people using some of the tools and techniques to build rapport and conversation they have learnt in the week’s course. This is the highlight of the ESR student’s week and builds a great deal of confidence for working in the field.