What is Emotional Self-Regulation?

BabytearMany children who develop habitual firesetting patterns will come from chaotic, dysfunctional families where they have not been taught to self-regulate. Their brain development will be deficient in helping them to manage their behaviour when under emotional pressure.

Unchallenged, this can manifest as; cruelty to animals, destructiveness to self and others, control issues, impulsiveness, lack of empathy or remorse, learning difficulties, lying or manipulative behaviour, preoccupation with violence/fire-setting/gore and being unable to defer gratification.

Needless to say the life outcomes of this vulnerable group are extremely poor.

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The Workshops

Secure Base offers well-established, cutting edge training workshops highlighting the psychological drivers at work when young people and adults display out of control behaviour, delinquency, school problems and relationship difficulties. Our knowledge and expertise has mainly been applied to date within firesetting scenarios but the underlying psychological issues apply far more widely – in contexts where front workers are faced with these youngsters and their behaviour (police, social services, youth work, and education).

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Costs & Logistics

Workshop-page-tableThe courses are suitable for up to twelve participants only.

We cannot exceed this number as it extends the day length on the four day course uncomfortably and requires us to remove important material from the course.

The course is run off-site (a hotel or a neutral police or fire facility), which the hosting service organises.

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