Workshop-page-tableThe courses are suitable for up to twelve participants only.

We cannot exceed this number as it extends the day length on the four day course uncomfortably and requires us to remove important material from the course.

The course is run off-site (a hotel or a neutral police or fire facility), which the hosting service organises.


  • Main room - needs to be about 10m x 10m without any large tables centrally placed. Two materials tables to the side.
  • Breakout room
  • Separate lunch area
  • Projector for presentation
  • Audio facility with 3mm jack
  • 4/5 flipcharts and pens
  • Refreshments /water during the day
  • Start time is 9.00-9.30 TBA with the organiser and venue


The cost for the four day young person’s workshops is £7000.00 (valid until 31st Jan 2014)

The cost for the four day adult workshops is £7000.00 (valid until 31st Jan 2014)

The cost for the two day advanced young persons' course is £3500.00 (valid until 31st Jan 2014)

In addition all courses charge trainer expenses: hotel board, breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Travel is charged at 0.45p per mile for cars and advertised ticket price for trains. The mode of transport is at the trainer’s discretion. Evening meal allowance is capped at £20.00 per night.

ESR Level 1 requires 1 trainer

ESR Level 2 requires 2 trainers

Cancellation Policy

There is a 50% charge when cancellations are made less than two weeks before the start date of the training. Prior to that date, there is a 20% cancellation charge. Where training is rescheduled by the purchasing organisation, there is a 10% re-scheduling charge.