People……We Are All Different

Different People

Sound obvious doesn’t it?  This is the reason we recognise everyone in a workshop needs different skills, different approaches and has a different uptake speed.

We thrive on this variety at Secure Base as this is what makes a training programme unique and hugely enjoyable – the diverse personalities that take part.

A Simple Model of Human Interaction[span class="rt-title-tag"]We see you from three perspectives[/span]


your inner world

the relational space between you and the other
(the intersubjective experience)

the environment that exists beyond you - the world you live in.

Each field has specific areas where you can focus your energy to create new perspectives and eventually change behaviour – whether that’s new creative ideas, better team dynamics or a blistering presentation that inspires and changes minds.

Seeing and Doing;Practical and Useable in Real Life


Our workshops are designed to favour experiential and collaborative learning by doing. Did you know your memory retains 80% of what you see and do. This compares to just 20% of what you read and a miserly 10% of what you hear. This doesn’t bode well for seminar style learning! (Lester 2006).

Within this workshop context the key practical aims are building individual and team awareness and furnishing the individual or team with useable, practical, easily accessible tools you can actually put into practice there and then. Sometimes we describe the workshop as a ‘test laboratory’ – try things out practically and see if they fit your style!

Most training concentrates on evaluating personalities and systems leaving little sense of things you can actually do to improve performance and relationships at work.  This frequently leaves your people feeling frustrated and the HR or Training Team struggling to see a tangible return on the investment.

Tony and Doug have worked in personal development since the late 80’s and have both had previous ‘lives’ in the Civil Service (Tony) and the Pharmaceutical Industry (Doug).  They both experienced a lot of training – one thing they decided when applying their psychological knowledge to business was that the actual delivery had to be experiential, practical and useable (naturally we cover some theory if it’s really needed!)

 Return on InvestmentSoft skills training can be a slippery beast.

Return on investmentT&D people report glowing feedback and references that favour a particular process, yet it can be difficult to quantify the real change when people get back to their workplace.

At Secure Base we are continually looking at ways to help Training and Development people.  We trawl the latest psychological research to develop some of the most cutting-edge psychologically informed training for the business world. We keep an eye on some of the mavericks in business and how they are experimenting with techniques to improve performance.

An example: the drive by Apple and Google to encourage structured ‘mindfulness’ every day for all employees. These companies report ‘less agitated, more focused and easier to work with’ staff (FT Magazine August 24th 2013).  There is a growing body of evidence this type of activity has links to better physical and mental health and fewer sick days.  A milestone paper published by MIND in 2010 suggests that one in five sick days (and possibly more) is related to workplace pressure.

Do The Maths!

Better team dynamics, communication of a message, greater creativity and stronger presentation of ideas all affect the bottom line.

do-the-mathsIt’s fairly simple to calculate what this might mean for your company. This equation makes these interventions not just a ‘nice-to-have’ but an essential rock-solid business investment that up skills the workforce and shows tangible results.

Think for a moment how much more effective your business would be with even a 10% reduction in sick leave?

Most recent research show more than £1 billion lost per annum due to work related anxiety and stress in the UK alone.