51% of adults wouldn't come forward to get the kids treated for mental health issues claims study...

"Half of all diagnosable mental health conditions start before the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 21, so identifying children at the earliest opportunity is crucial in setting them on the best path in life.

"Investing in early intervention is crucial - not doing so comes at a high price for those battling a mental health condition, and also costs the economy vast sums of money in lost education, training, jobs, and often, through crime."

He said: "It's clear from these results that there's still stigma attached to mental health with 51% of adults admitting fear of approaching the issue.

"It's also clear that many adults are not confident in being able to spot the signs of ill mental health in children and many are turning to other adults - family, friends and teachers - for help and advice.

Dr Kelvin - Mind Ed