Feedback from Previous Clients

In sessions as wide ranging as Presentation Training, through Influencing, to Conflict Resolution, I’ve seen Doug produce results with diverse ranges of people and their diverse ranges of needs. With an authority borne of years of experience, a friendly presence and some forensic listening skills, he has a keen ability identify and coach people through issues specific to their roles and needs. For this he draws on a wide arsenal of tools, creative thinking and flexibility.


Personally, I’ve learned a lot about meeting management and managing the environment that continues to be enormously useful in client meetings and events. Overall, the sessions with Doug were not only valuable for the tools, skills and materials that we took away, they also bonded people from different divisions within our organisation.


They also left us with a sense of the quality of the training that our company was prepared to invest in us, which is, of course, an expression of the quality that our management demands of itself.

Global Distributor Sales, BNP Paribas, London