What our Graduates from the course have said

“I’m now fully confident to work as a Fire Setter Advisor”

“The thought of the school visit made me nervous but by the time we had done it I realised I had really built confidence through the week, I did well, I was surprised!”

"Great opportunity to reinforce skills and develop techniques to work with young people and colleagues. Far more effective than any previous training I’ve done”
(FRS Safety Co-ordinator 16 years experience)

“Good to work with a trainer who aligned the process to the needs of the fire service. Kept it grounded and ‘real’ for the delegates. Acknowledged strengths and identified areas for development – then provided the skills to do it! Very interactive course – great work – thank you”

“Good exercises, enjoyed it a lot, the circle was well controlled yet powerful, a must for everyone that wants to pursue this type of work”

References are available to co coordinators on request